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The Bark Stop  

Force Free. Fear free.
Reward-based puppy & dog training.

Positively Refreshing.

Welcome to Force Free Dog Training, where we believe in nurturing positive relationships between dogs and their companions through exclusively reward-based training methods. We are committed to helping dogs learn and develop without resorting to fear, force, or pain.

Our philosophy centers around choice, communication, and compassion. We understand that every dog is unique, and we tailor our training approaches to suit their individual needs and personalities. By using positive reinforcement, we motivate and encourage our furry friends to achieve their full potential, building a strong bond of trust and understanding.

At our modern training space in Orlando, we offer a range of services to cater to your dog's specific requirements. Whether you prefer private sessions for personalized attention, daily training to reinforce essential skills, or extended stay programs for comprehensive learning, we have the perfect solution to enhance your dog's abilities and confidence.

And, our force-free dog training philosophy extends to our Pet Sitting services too, ensuring your beloved furry companions receive the same compassionate care they deserve. 


With our force-free approach, your dog will embark on a journey of growth and learning in a safe, supportive, and enjoyable environment. Join us in fostering a positive and happy relationship with your furry companion. Together, we can create a harmonious and fulfilling life for your beloved dog.  Contact us today to start this rewarding adventure!

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training programs

We specialize in Crate & Potty Training, Basic Obedience Cues, both inside and out, Loose-Leash Walking, Heel Training, Recall, Mental Enrichment, Confidence Building, Exposure Training and Social Development.  We focus on Puppy development, exposure and socialization.  We help create Positive Associations and offer effective methods of Desensitization.  We will work towards establishing Proper Manner while preventing unhealthy behaviors.  These may include Resource Guarding, Puppy biting, Counter surfing, Jumping, nuisance or demand barking, leash pulling, door dashing, and reactivity. 

We are not Certified Animal Behavior Consultants and while we may be able to help modify behavior, we not specialists in Animal Behavior Modification.  If your puppy or dog is demonstrating behaviors such as Separation Anxiety or Aggression, or has a history of biting people and/or dogs please consult with your Veterinarian immediately.


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