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Every Stay With Love

Fun for them.  Peace of mind for you.  Belly rubs for everyone.

in dog Training. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider our Stay N Train Program.  Our unique learning experience helps lay the foundation for your puppy's healthy development into adulthood, while providing a safe, healthy and fun environment for your dog to call home. 


We offer 3 different length programs that are all designed to help your dog reach their full potential. 

*Please note that our 3 Day Program is not intended for "new" dogs or young puppies that have never been to The Bark Stop™️ . 

3 Day Stay n Train | $450*

7 Day Stay N Train | $1500

14 Day Stay n Train | $2800

21 Day Stay n Train | $4000

Stay n Train Programs.png

3 Day



This exclusive program offers an immersive training journey where your pup stays with us for an enriching learning adventure, ensuring a delightful weekend while building fundamental skills. In just 3 days, we can teach new skills, explore new places and Reinforce great choices

7 Day


The “Essential Foundations” program offers a comprehensive week-long training experience for your pup. Whether a first-time trainee or an experienced dog, this immersive training plan covers essential skills, socialization, and mental enrichment, ensuring a rewarding and educational stay.

14 Day


You dog will experience a comprehensive two-week training program designed to empower your pup with a broad spectrum of skills and behaviors. This extended stay ensures a deeper level of training, socialization, and mental enrichment, tailored to meet the specific needs and abilities of your dog.

21 Day
ultimate Re


The “Ultimate Retreat” is a three-week intensive and transformative training experience tailored to offer a complete behavioral overhaul and skill enhancement for your dog. This extended stay fosters a deep-rooted learning journey, socialization, and behavioral refinement, ensuring a holistic and extensive training experience.

We offer daily updates with photos and videos, detailed progress reports, extensive training materials, and a final 1-hour consultation to demonstrate learned skills and provide guidance for ongoing success.

It's all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone


To ensure the safety, success and harmony of our Stay n Train Program we have established a simple Assessment Process that begins with Basic Requirements.  

Your dog must...

1.  Be Fully Vaccinated

2.  Not be in heat, not marking or humping other dogs

3.  Be dog friendly

4.  Not struggling with Separation anxiety or demonstrating Aggression towards humans or dogs, not have a bite history, and not Resource Guarding

(Puppy biting excluded)

5.  Be comfortable sleeping in a crate or playpen, outside of your bedroom.


If you feel your puppy or dog meets our basic requirements, then we can begin our interview process which starts with a Dog Training Questionnaire. 


Begin our by clicking on the link below: ⤵️ 

Please Let us know it’s completed by texting 908.330.5454 or by forwarding your answers to

Once completed, we can schedule a phone consultation to review everything, establish goals, expectations and set up a Meet N Greet. 

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